You only have one shot at a Store Closing Sale so make sure you pick a consultant with the proven track record to do it right the first time!  Don’t just take my word for it, read below and hear what past clients have said about me.

"57 years ago my family opened Continental Art Supplies in the West San Fernando Valley and now that I’m at retirement age I decided to close my store.  Chris, when you arrived you laid out a clear plan of how to close my store.  Opening day turned out to be our best sales day ever!  You did a great job of handling all aspects of the sale which was important to me since I had other priorities to manage. 

Thanks for a great job in helping me close down my store!"

Steven L. Aufhauser

Continental Art Supplies

"22 years ago I started Provisions-RSVP so I could cater to the people that love cooking & baking. Provisions-RSVP has been my life endeavor but I wanted to spend more time with family and after sales started decreasing over the past few years, I realized it was time for a change.  When you arrived a strategic game plan was laid out on how to close my store.  The opening day started off with a bang and we did more than two times the best day ever in 22 years!  Thanks for a job well-done with the Store Closing Sale!"

Kathryn Oelschlager

Provisions RSVP

"When we realized the 3rd generation had careers of their own and wouldn’t be following in our footsteps, we then knew it was time to close Collins Supply after 57 years of being in business.  The advertising and updating of signage you did really helped get repeat customers back into our store and attract new ones.

Thanks for a job well-done with our store closing sale!"

Dwight Collins

Collins Supply

"When I decided to close my store I was referred to Chris Chura by a local store owner that used him for closing his stores.  The first few days were a sales frenzy and he kept making adjustments to keep the excitement going.  Chris obtained the highest price possible for all my merchandise and fixtures. 

Please don’t hesitate to hire him to assist you with your store closing sale.  You won’t be disappointed!"

Marie Scholl

The Sea Urchin

"I’ve run a successful business for several years but didn’t know anything about closing down a store.  I didn’t know what to expect and how things were going to progress but when Chris arrived he calmed my fears and I immediately knew I was in good hands!  He worked closely with me and my employees everyday so we were able to make adjustments to merchandising & pricing whenever needed.

Trusting Chris and taking his advice led us to a very successful sale!"

Lisa Laing

My Hobby Place and Toys

"When my second store location fell through I ended up with a lot of extra merchandise to sell within a specific period of time and needed someone to help me with my dilemma.  Thanks for a job well-done, Chris, with the inventory liquidation sale!  The original sale was supposed to end on July 23rd but we had such good results so I extended it by three weeks.

Again, thanks for a great job in helping me move my inventory!"

Jerry A. Vigil

Emperor's Emporium



Chris Chura / Owner




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