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If you’re thinking of having a promotional sale or store closing sale then you need a professional who works exclusively with independent retailers.

Before trying to run your own sale you need to ask yourself:

  •  Do I know how to effectively price my merchandise?

  •  How do I advertise for this type of sale?

  •  Should I merchandise differently?

  •  What is my financial situation?  How is this affecting me   personally?

  •  Do I have any fixtures or displays to sell and how do I price them?

What's the reason(s) for this sale? 

  •  Are you closing/retiring from the family business?

  •  Need to liquidate "hard-to-sell" or old inventory?

  •  Landlord not renewing lease and have to relocate?

  •  Not profitable anymore: sales are down, increased expenses, etc?

  • Grand Opening or wanting to increase your customer base?

One size doesn’t fit all when planning a sale so I’ll design one specific to you and your situation! 


There's a lot of emotion and unknown when a business owner plans their own sale.  I take these burdens off of your shoulders so you can concentrate on the other things!

Here is how it works:

After getting some basic information from you by phone or email, I decide if I’m able to help you.  If so, then we set up a time when I can dig deeper to get the total picture of you and your business.

There are many aspects to a store closing sale:

  • Printed signs inside and outside of the store

  • Press releases and social media

  • Mailers/postcards/flyers announcing the start date

  • Merchandising

These are just some of the details to consider, which is why it’s so important to have a professional there running the sale for you! 



Store Closing Plans

Promo/Liquidation Sale Plans



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