The most profitable and successful sales are ones where the independent retailer and myself worked together as a team, executing the Store Closing Sale!  That is why I advise you to choose this plan where I’m at your store, leading you through the sale on a daily basis. 

You have one shot at doing a store closing sale the right way and the best chance at this is my participation throughout the entire sale!  Nothing breaks my heart more than talking to a store owner after they’ve attempted their own store closing sale and it didn’t work.  It’s usually then that they realize it would have been more profitable to pay for me to plan it for them in the first place.     


 Who should use this plan?

  •  If the owner can’t be involved in the sale (death, illness, etc.).

  •  Store owner has never run this type of sale before.

  •  Time constraint (lease is ending, heavy debt).

  •  Inventory level anywhere between $40,000 to 1 million at cost.

  •  Store owner feels that a full-time consultant is required.

  •  There are other reasons so if you’re not sure, just fill out the free consultation request and I’ll contact you right away.

How Does This Plan Work?

Once you’ve given me all the information I need and I’ve pre-qualified you over the phone, then we meet at your store.  After meeting with you face-to-face and I decide that we’re a good fit, then you sign the contract with me (Chura Consulting) and the planning phase begins.  A specific plan tailored to your store and your needs will include:

  • Suggested advertising budget for the length of the sale using all types of media to drive traffic into your store.

  • Merchandising advice that will place products, signage & fixtures in the best spots to optimize customer traffic and sales.  Also, I coordinate signage for delivery to your store.      

  • Pricing scheme for merchandise and fixtures/displays that creates customer buying frenzy and profit for you.

  • Dedicated, experienced consultant on premise at least 40 hours a  week (we will mutually agree on hours).

  • Consultant available 24/7 to answer any questions


Before any contract is singed I will go over the fees, budget and benefits of the entire sale.

I Run the Sale for YOU
YOU Run your OWN Sale



Maybe you don’t have the money for me to “run the sale for you” or you just want someone to plan it all out and you run it yourself.  Maybe you don’t like taking advice from others – be honest, not everyone works well with others. Small inventory?


If any of these apply then you can choose to Run Your Own Sale.


How Does This Plan Work?

Once you’ve given me all the information I need about you and your current business situation, then I pre-qualify you over the phone.  I’ll put together a tailored plan that allows you to sell out your inventory, fixtures/displays and put the most profit back in your pocket.  Once you sign the contract I deliver this plan by the best method that suits you. 

The You Run Your Own Plan includes:


  •  Suggested Advertising budget and Merchandising plan to effectively and profitably run your own sale.

  •  Suggested signage and where you can purchase it.

  •  Recommendations for selling fixtures/displays.

  •  Pricing scheme for you to do timed markdowns throughout your sale.

  •  Time of year to run sale and length of sale.

  •  1/2 hour a week per (suggested) length of sale consulting by phone or email.


These are the support items I provide for you with this type of sale.


Whatever sales plan you go with, I will coordinate everything to make sure you get the best results. 


Before any contract is singed I will go over the fees, budget and benefits of the entire sale.



Chris Chura / Owner



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